How to prepare the LPT conducted in an SBI bank clerk for Gujarat?

Important things to know:

1. This exam can be cleared easily but take it seriously. you will be given extra 3 months for preparing the local language after 1st attempt failed. if you could not make it in next 3 months you will removed from the selection.

2. Candidates will be asked to translate a given paragraph into the selected local language, also they can as some questions related to the local language to check candidates knowledge.

3. Prepare the reading, writing & speaking. Not fluent but you should say something in the opted language i.e. tell me about yourself in local language.

4. Prepare the answering the questions based on paragraph / passage in opted language.

6. Translation of passage / paragraph in opted language.

7. Practise the Newspaper reading in opted language

8. Memorise the numbers in opted language.

9. Write the synonyms and antonyms for the given words.

10. Find the errors in sentence.

11. Recruiting committee does not check the grammar but only the normal fluency in local language will be check.

12. Wrong answer will not deduct the marks.

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Remember: “while you speak in local language, use simple words which will be understood by local customers.

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